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What Are Backlinks?

Backlink: Incoming links to a webpage.

A backlink is an inbound hyperlink from an external website. In this case, the other site is linking back to the first site.

The items/objects that are linking back may be pages, images, documents, videos, files, or something else. When the user clicks on this link, they are transported to the other website.

If text used as a backlink to another page, it is known as ‘anchor text‘. 

The HTML code for a backlink to this page would look something like this:

<a href="">Intro to Backlinks - DigitalBull GO Expert System</a>

If only the keyword is the anchor text with nothing extra, then it is known as an exact match backlink.

However, it doesn’t need to have anchor text and can just be the entire URL of the page, also known as a naked URL.

Backlinks can come from various places, including forums, directories, social media, guest posts, private blog networks (PBNs) and web 2.0 sites.

Not every backlink is the same. Backlinks vary between domains, pages on a domain, and the IP address of the domain.

A unique backlink is a link from a unique domain.

5 backlinks from only count as one unique link.

The link ratio is the ratio of domains to linking pages. If there are 20 domains linking to you from 50 different pages, then the link ratio is 2:5.

Authority of a backlink, specifically the domain authority and page authority of the linking site and page, is also critical.

Linking to a page passes on some SEO equity or SEO juice to that page.

Pages that receive a lot of backlinks while giving out only a few tend to perform better than those with a low number of backlinks.

Backlink juice is of two types:

  • Follow
  • Nofollow

Follow backlinks, also called ‘dofollow backlinks’, provide SEO equity or juice to the referred site.

On the other hand, nofollow links stop a majority of the equity from being transferred.

All backlinks are considered as follow backlinks by default.

Websites such as Twitter and YouTube receive thousands of backlinks every day, which is one reason why they rank so well.

Recommended Tools

Majestic – Backlinks checker and link intelligence tool

Ahrefs – Get information about backlinking domains and IPs

SEMrush Backlink Audit Tool – Discover backlinks and disavow toxic backlinks

Valuable Backlinks Checker – Check backlinks for a domain

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 GMB audit and optimization tool!

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