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What Are Categories?

Category: What a business is.

A category denotes the products and services of a business or what field they are in. In the GMB Listing, it shows up under the reviews as “[Category] in [City], [State]”, such as Plumber in San Francisco, California.

GMB categories is not to be confused with blog or product categories, which relate to a company’s website.

A company can choose from nearly 4000 categories to add to their GMB Listing.

Google My Business Listings can have more than one category. However, only one will be viewable to a user at a time. The main category is the one displayed to users and is known as the primary category.

‘Marketing Agency’, ‘Locksmith’, ‘Accountant’, ‘Moving Company’, and ‘Hospital’ are all examples of primary categories that a business might use.

Other related categories are the additional categories, or secondary categories. This change was made by Google around November of 2018.

For example, a business with ‘Marketing Agency’ set as their primary category may decide to use ‘Marketing Consultant’, ‘Advertising Agency’ and ‘Business Development Service’ as additional categories. They may use all or some, but it makes sense as they relate to the primary category.

There can be up to 9 additional categories for a GMB Listing. This plus the one primary category makes for a total of 10. This is more than enough to describe a company.

Recommended Tools

Google My Business – Categories are only applicable to GMB

GMB Category Generator – Explore related categories, popularity, and trends.

To use the GMB Category Generator, choose your country from the dropdown, tick the box next to ‘Show results in table’, and press the blue ‘Fetch categories’ button.

You can also find the percentage of times the category has occurred (popularity) and current Google Search Trends for that search term as compared to trends for the top 3 categories for business in that industry.

DigitalBull GO – The world’s GMB #1 audit and optimization tool!

For more on Categories, read our article on Optimizing Categories.

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