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What Are Custom Maps?

Custom Map: A map created for a specific purpose.

Google Custom Maps, also known as ‘Google My Maps’ allow an individual to create their own maps for personal or professional use. They can be created on the Google Custom Map Wizard.

In June 2008, Google launched a map editing service called ‘Map Maker’ where users could contribute to increasing map quality. Upon moderator review, the changes would officially appear on Google Maps. In March 2017, Map Maker was shut down, but it wouldn’t mean the end of people being able to edit maps on Google.

Custom maps emerged as a way for people to make maps of their own as they wished. Unlike regular Google Maps, these maps can be personalized and customized. These maps can also be shared with other people via Gmail or showcased online on a website.

Locations and attractions in the vicinity such as amusement parks, zoos, restaurants, and sports stadiums, can all be found via the search feature and marked on a custom map.

Company maps often include the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of the business. There may also be directions on to get to the store.

Google gives people the ability to create personalized custom maps with instructions on how to get to their store or area from major locations like bus stops, airports, parks, and universities. They can also add a service area radius for main (inner) and surrounding areas (outer).

People are allowed to create custom maps that include transit locations, government buildings, attractions, and more. They can keep these maps private and viewable only by themselves, or make them public for all to see.

Marker clusterization enables users to place a large number of markers on a custom map without making it hard to read. When the viewer zooms in to the map, they will see all the individual markers.

When they zoom out, the markers get clubbed together into clusters, thus making the map easy to understand.

Google Custom Maps can also be created on Android by downloading the Google My Maps app. They can also be embedded in a webpage of the site.

Recommended Tools 

Google My Maps – Google’s tool for creating custom maps

Snazzy Maps – Google Maps-style map builder

Scribble Maps – Create embeddable maps

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 audit and optimization tool!

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