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What Is Description?

Description: Describes a business.

The GMB description is a summary or encapsulation of a business. It is a brief and abridged condensation of the highlights of what the business does.

It may include the products and services of the business, when the business was founded, the business motto, key people in the business, and other relevant details.

Google dropped the description section in 2016 only to bring it back in 2018. The content of the description is usually similar in nature to that of the ‘About Us’ page of the company’s website.

The description section appears below the reviews in a Google My Business listing. It is also called the ‘From the business’ section and has a heading of ‘From (Business name)’, like ‘From Grant’s Locksmith’ or ‘From Lexcorp’.

There are two parts to the description:

  • Short description
  • Long description

The short description is what appears by default on the listing. The short description is 250 characters.

Upon clicking ‘more’ in the description section of the listing, the section expands to display the long description. The long description is the full description and can be up to 750 characters.

The short description is the first 250 characters of the long description, also called simply ‘the description’.

No URLs, links, or HTML code is allowed in the description. No formatting (bold, italics, underline) either. It can only be plain text.

However, numbers and symbols are allowed, so ZIP codes and phone numbers can be added.

Here is the sample business description provided on the support page:

‘We are an independent ice cream shop located steps from the center of town and are proud to be the favorite for locals to meet friends for a cone or call for a fresh pizza, delivered straight to their home. We serve 35 flavors of homemade, hand-churned ice creams and sorbets year-round, and the pizza oven turns out New York-style pies every day from midday until close. Come see us today!’

The GMB description is not to be confused with the title and description of a website that appears in the search results. Those are meta tags for the site, whereas this is the description for the GMB listing.

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