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What Are Directions?

Directions: Instructions for how to get from one place to another.

Directions denote details for driving to a destination. They are also called routes. They include information helpful for navigation such as roads to travel on and where to turn left or right.

Directions may also have distance between the two locations and the estimated time it takes to get from the one to the other.

The final destination’s address is the place where the user wishes to go. They can be from the user’s current location to the final destination, or from another location to the final destination.

There can also be multiple destinations and directions for point A to B to C, and so on. This is common for families going on a road trip or tourists attempting to cover multiple attractions in one day.

Like a GPS, Google has its own satellites orbiting the Earth that they use to determine the local geography and distances between two places.

Driving directions are by far the most popular form of directions, but there can also be directions to a place from transit areas such as bus stops, train stations, or the airport.

Directions can be included on a website, but they can be added to a custom map’s description as well. It could also be directions to an attraction from a hotel where the person is staying.

Google Maps automatically shows directions to reach a certain location. This feature is helpful for finding businesses, restaurants, gas stations, and more. There is also a mobile app for Google Maps for the same purpose.

Recommended Tools 

Google Maps – Offers directions to places

Google My Maps – Google’s tool for creating custom maps with directions

Bing Maps – A non-Google alternative for directions

MapQuest – Another option for routes

Open Street Map – A collaborative community map

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 GMB audit and optimization tool!

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