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What Are Keywords?

Keyword: A significant word relating to the content of a business.

A keyword is anywhere from one to four ‘words’ that are ‘key’ to a company and indicate what the company’s business is about.

They could be (and usually are) something that a business offers or related to the business in some manner.

Originally, it used to mean only one word, with ‘keyphrase’ being used to refer to more than one word. However, the term ‘keyphrase’ has fallen out of favor as of late.

Keywords are of many types. The most common are:

  • Product/service keywords
  • Local keywords
  • Branded keywords

Product and service keywords such as ‘locksmith’, ‘plumber’, or ‘shoes’ are the most popular.

Keywords with a location in them (‘car repair Toronto’) are known as local keywords.

Keywords with a company’s name in them (‘Nike shoes’) are known as branded keywords.

A keyword can also be a combination of all of these things, such as ‘Nike shoes Austin Texas’.

ZIP codes and postcodes for areas can be keywords as well.

There are also additional keywords used as a subset of the primary keyword. These are known as long-tail keywords, as a word or words are added at the beginning or end of the main keyword.

‘Commercial locksmith’, ‘residential locksmith’, and ‘auto locksmith’ are common longtail keywords present in locksmith websites.

Synonyms and latent semantic index (LSI) words are similar to the keyword and can also be added to the content as a replacement of the word.

For example, LSI words for ‘hospital’ include ‘clinic’, ‘medical center’, and ‘infirmary’.

Keywords and search terms that are similar to each other can be grouped together into a pool, which is also known as a keyword cluster.

Recommended Tools

Google My Business – Keywords can be added in GMB content and GMB Insights can be analyzed

Google Analytics – Analyze a site’s PPC keywords and search terms within the site. This can also be integrated into DigitalBull GO.

Google Search Console – View a site’s search queries. This can be integrated with DigitalBull GO.

Google Autosuggest – Find long-tail keywords from Google Search

Google Keyword Planner – Find keywords to use in ads, site, and GMB

Google Trends – Visualize the popularity of keywords over time.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – Research keywords

SEMrush Keyword Magic – Get keyword ideas – Generate long-tail keyword suggestions for search terms

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 GMB audit and optimization tool!

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