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What Are Map Embeds?

Map Embed: A map attached and fixed to a site.

Map embeds are a geographical representation of a particular area or property. They display either a fixed point or a certain area.

There is a difference between a map embed and a map link.

For a map embed, the code is embedded into the website and can be viewed directly on the website.

With a map link, there is just a link to the map as opposed to a visual depiction. The user has to click on the link to go to the map.

The map can be viewed as either a street map or as satellite imagery. Street maps showcase a 2D cartoonish view of the landscape along with nearby stores, schools, landmarks, places of worship, etc.

Satellite imagery lets the person look at the area from a bird’s eye view, with a much more realistic perspective.

Map embeds appear as images on a site. However, they are not static, but dynamic.

The user can zoom in, pan out, and play around with the embed. They can click and drag the map around to explore the area and surrounding landmarks.

For embeds of a particular location, there is a red pin dropped at the main address on the map. They also offer a general overview of the neighborhood.

GMB listings have company maps that can be accessed and embedded.

For a business listing, the full address is displayed along with other contact information. The Google reviews for the place also pop up.

In sum, map embeds add professionalism to a site while giving users a good idea of a particular location.

Recommended Tools 

Google Maps – Get map embeds from Google Maps

Embed Google Map – Alternative way to get the embed link from Google Maps

Google My Maps – Create a custom map and embed it

Google Earth – Explore geography in a much more detailed manner

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 GMB audit and optimization tool!

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