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What Is Map Pack Ranking?

Map Pack Ranking: Placement of a business in the Google map results.

Map pack ranking is a measure of where a business lies in Google’s map results.

Google has two kinds of results:

  • Search results
  • Map results

The search results are also known as the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is organic, national, corporate, or enterprise SERP and mainly depends on the website.

Map results are the results that show up on Google Maps. While SERP rankings are keyword-focused, Map rankings are geo-focused. This means that they vary by location.

Google gives additional preference to where the store is as opposed to how well they have done SEO.

Not every search term has map results to accompany it. For general terms such as ‘news’, advice like ‘how to write better’, or branded searches for e-commerce sites like ‘Amazon’, Google won’t throw up map results.

For keywords like ‘shoes’, ‘restaurant’, or ‘movie theater’, Google recognizes the search intent and knows that it’s pointless to showcase websites of companies thousands of miles away.

Therefore, the search engine brings up places that are a short distance away and are easy to reach.

The same applies to service businesses. Search terms with ‘near me’ included in them such as ‘car repair near me’ or ‘plumber near me’ usually bring up map results for businesses within your proximity.

The map results enable small businesses to thrive as they only have to worry about being the best in their area instead of having to face huge competition from everyone offering the same service as they are.

The ‘Map Pack‘ is the top 3 of the map results. It is also known as the Local Pack, Snack Pack or the 3-Pack.

The Map Pack started off as 7 results, then decreased to 5 results, and has now shrunk to the top 3.

Map results change on mobile and desktop. They also change based on where the user is searching from.

The Map Pack is displayed at the top of the search results. Upon clicking ‘More places’, at the bottom, the other map results can be viewed.

The various listings are shown, and clicking on a result brings up the GMB listing for that company.

The listing result also includes a link to the website of the company and directions on how to get there. However, it is not compulsory to have a website to get on the Map Pack.

Recommended Tools 

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