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How Do You Optimize Your Business.Site?

The first thing you should check for is if your business website has already been published and what your Business.Site URL is.

You can do this by typing ‘site:business.site’ followed by the name of the GMB listing into Google. The same method can be used to look at competing Business.Sites.

Your Google Business.Site can be accessed in the ‘Website’ tab in the menu of the GMB Dashboard. This tab appears in between the ‘Photos’ tab and the ‘Users’ tab.

On the top right of this field, you will see either a blue button that says ‘Publish’ or ‘View Site’. In the latter instance, your site has been published. You will also see a message saying ‘Your site is live’.

There are also 4 sections in the left menu of the Business.Site field:

  • Themes
  • Edit
  • Photos
  • More

Here, you can select the theme for the site, including the colors and fonts to be used.

The site components can be edited. Some of the details in the Business.Site like headline, description, summary header, and summary body can be directly accessed and edited from the Website menu. Other content like reviews, posts, and services are pulled from other parts of the listing. Once you edit, click the checkmark to save your changes.

You can upload photos to your gallery, which will also get updated in the GMB Photos for your listing.

There are more things you have the option to do, like change your Business.Site address and unpublish your site if it has already been published. You can also set your Business.Site URL as your GMB Website URL from here.

Make sure you have the appropriate call to action button on your GMB business website. Here are your options:

  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Get Directions
  • Get Quote
  • Make Appointment
  • Message Us

You can also set your Business.Site URL as the Appointment URL in your listing. This links to a Google property while strengthening the connection between your listing and your Business.Site.

Plus, visitors can make an appointment or get in touch with you from your Business.Site, so it makes sense. This may be a preferable option for linking to a 3rd party booking site. Google already makes sure it is mobile-ready, too.

Pay attention to your Business.Site URL as it is a Google property. Don’t let it die.

There will be automatic updates to some sections as you add content on your listing, but you should still add and update content regularly on the Business.Site as well.

Optimize your headline, summary headers, and body content with the relevant city keywords, services keywords, and business keywords for your business.

You can link to your Business.Site from your website. Or, go a step further and embed the entire iframe of your Business.Site to your website so people can view it from a landing page of your site.

You can even link to your Business.Site URL as the GMB Website URL on your listing in case you don’t have a website, or at least until you go live with your new site.

Even if you have a website, treat the Business.Site as your second website. You can also purchase a custom Business.Site domain from Google Domains in case you don’t like the existing one.

Google also gives you the ability to share your Business.Site on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, which you can do upon optimization.

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