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How Do You Optimize Your Categories?

If you have not added a category for your listing, you can do so from your Google My Business Account. In the ‘Info’ tab, under your name, you can add, edit, and remove categories.

You can add your primary category from the dropdown list and add additional categories relating to your business. Additional categories can also cover other services you perform.

While viewed from the outside, only the primary category is visible and additional categories cannot be seen.

You cannot create a new category yourself and must choose from the options Google provides you.

However, there are certain actions you can take to make sure you are selecting the right categories.

Here is the process to add additional categories in GMB:

  1. Note down competitor categories
  2. Select GMB categories tool in pleper.com
  3. Select categories related to primary categories
  4. Search in GMB to check if secondary category available
  5. Apply

Check out what categories your competitors are using and note them down so you can see if any of them fit.

Use external tools to explore available categories.

Type a word into your Listing’s search function and see what additional categories are available

Your category should answer the question “What is your business?”, not “What does your business do/sell?”

Choose a primary category that accurately describes what your business is. In case the category isn’t perfect, you should choose the best or closest fit.

It is recommended that you add 3-6 categories in total.

Don’t add too many unrelated categories as they can dilute your rankings, be it in the Map Pack or regular search results (SERP).

This confuses Google as far as what your business actually is and brings down your listing overall.

Attempting to manipulate the system with tons of categories just to show up on more searches will not work in your favor.

Just because you can add up to 9 additional categories doesn’t mean you have to. You can leave them blank if none fit. Also, not every primary category may have a relevant additional category.

Someone else’s primary category can be your secondary one, and vice-versa. You could also mix and match to see what works.

Take search volume and frequency of occurrence into account as well.

Google My Business Official Help

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