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How Do You Optimize Your Citations?

Keep your citations consistent with the NAP (name, address, phone number) on your GMB Listing. Your address should be the complete and exact address of your location. Also, make sure these details are clearly visible on your own website. Everything has to match up.

Citations are an important part of managing your reputation and building your brand. It is critical to have an effective citation management process. There are two actions that need to be performed:

  • Citation building
  • Citation cleanup

Citation building involves creating new citations by adding your company details to new citation sites where it was not listed before. Citation cleanup involves fixing and correcting inaccurate details in existing listings.

For example, your company address may have changed or you could have got a new phone number. If your old contact details still, it could lead people trying to reach your business to get very confused. Citation cleanup also involves removing duplicates of citations on the same site. You don’t want your site to have multiple listings. 

There are millions of citation sites out there, but you need to decide which ones are important. Just like links, one citation from a quality high-ranking site is better than ten citations from low-quality sites.

Not every citation will be relevant to you, and you don’t need to get a citation on all the sites where your competitor has one. 80-200 citations should suffice.

Research citation sites related to your industry or niche (locksmith, plumber, maids, etc.) and local directories such as your local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club site.

Your citation may be listed on a website without your knowledge. In these cases, you just need to claim these as your own. Some sites also let you add photos in your citation.

Add your logo, photos of you with your customers, and a link to your website wherever possible. You may also be able to add social media links.

Not only are citations integral top your map ranking, but they help users find and contact you, so you have to ensure you get it right.

Try to add as much information as possible, but know that if you decide to change your address, you’ll be left with a giant mess of incorrect citations to clean up.

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