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How Do You Optimize Your City Pages?

The whole point of local city landing pages is to increase your sphere of influence. While creating a city page, you have to research historical information about that suburb and add content in a natural manner.

‘Information’ in this case, means tourist attractions, sports stadiums, universities, museums, restaurants, government buildings, and other landmarks.

Research and add historical context and landmarks rather than just copying from another site. Your content should not appear to be ‘doorway’ page material in any way.

On your city page, remember to add content about your city, the services you provide in that particular city, along with your keywords.

You should also add content about your services while naturally fitting in your keywords. However, the city content should take prominence (around 75%).

Create a colorful banner to be displayed at the top of your page along with an enticing call to action (CTA). Upload service or city images to make the page more visually appealing. You can even add videos if you like.

Be sure to add external links to your citations and landmarks within the page, as well as internal links to other pages on your site.

Other details such as testimonials, custom map directions, and map embeds can also be included on your city page.

Of course, all this depends on your available budget and time. Once you have everything set, then, by all means, you can add these city pages to your website.

Usually, your home page functions as the landing page for your main service area, so you can try creating custom city pages for areas in your county.

City pages are not advised to be created for your main location, but rather the surrounding areas where you want to expand to.

Creating a city page for your main area of service may lead to it clashing with the homepage for rankings.

So, if you’re located in Green Bay but offer services to people in the nearby Wisconsin vicinity, what should you do?

The answer is simple. Add some content on Green Bay to your home page and create city pages for Milwaukee, Madison, etc. as applicable.

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