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How Do You Optimize Your Custom Maps?

The biggest reason to use custom maps is that they are a Google property, and Google loves it when you use their properties. They undoubtedly affect your Map Pack ranking.

There are several custom map options that help in the GMB ranking. You can create a custom map showing the areas you cover. If you have a physical store where you provide goods and services (such as a jeweler or car wash), you can create Google Custom Maps showing how to get to your shop from popular places.

These places may include universities, landmarks, government buildings, attractions, and more. These should be easily recognizable places to make it simple for people to understand how to reach you. Including custom maps for transit areas such as a bus stop or a train station also helps for people who aren’t visiting your location by car.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t need custom maps if you’re a service area business and visit your customers, like a locksmith, home roofer, or plumber. They can still be used to show how you can reach people living near these areas. If your site has local city landing pages, you can also have custom maps between cities, ie that city and your own city (Ex. Pittsburgh to Steubenville).

Make use of marker clusterization to prevent your maps from getting messy. You can also create your own custom map icons and bubble icons to personalize the map even further and make it your own.

Explore other similar maps, especially those of your competitors, to seek out areas for improvement. Bear in mind that you can add photos and videos to your custom maps as well.

Be sure your custom maps have an appropriate name and description. Never leave the description blank. You can add the purpose of the map, NAP information, your products and services, ZIP codes, contact details, a link to your site, and of course, your keywords.

Don’t go overboard. Although creating your own maps may seem fun, too many custom maps make a page seem cluttered. Instead, try to combine maps. Add additional layers and try merging maps into one. The inverse is also true. Don’t have one custom map with a bunch of paths. Split them up.

Usually, your homepage can have a maximum of four embedded custom maps whereas just one map for your city or contact pages should suffice.

Google My Business Official Help

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