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How Do You Optimize Your Description?

Your listing description is where you write what your company is all about. In the Google My Business Dashboard, click on the ‘Info’ tab in the left menu under the Posts tab. Scroll down. The Description section is in between the Attributes section and the Opening Date section.

If you have a description, analyze it and take a look at how effectively you’re using it.

There are a few things you can analyze:

  • Word Count
  • Character Count
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Density (KD)

Count how many total words you’re using in your description as well as the total characters. Remember, you can use a maximum of 750 characters.

You can also take a look at the sentiment to see how many positive or negative words you’re using and review the overall tone. You should also look at the descriptions of your competitors. Identify words that can be altered and the changes that need to be made in your description.

When it comes to your business description, don’t leave it short. Use the maximum space available to you.

This doesn’t mean that you should make it exactly 750 characters, but don’t cut off after just 600-odd. 

Put the most important information first, preferably in the first 250 characters so it’s visible to everyone who views your listing without them having to click ‘more’.

Try to fit in your keywords into your description, but do so naturally. Include your keywords like ‘locksmith New York’ or ‘Las Vegas movers’ in your listing description, but never stuff them.

It’s okay to use content from your website and you will not be penalized.

Your business description should be representative of your company. Leave out all the fluffiness and get to the heart of your company.

Keep it professional and avoid abbreviations just so you can fit more in your 750 characters.

Your description is not the time for a sales pitch. Focus on the important details of your business as opposed to using your description to promote your services or offer discounts. That’s what your Events/Offers are for. 

Talk about your value, highlight your USP, and showcase how your business differs from the competition. You can talk about having affordable rates but don’t add that the next customer to call will get 10% off.

Your tagline, products, and services should all be included, but not in a sales-oriented way. Your primary aim is to tell people about your business, not why they should choose you over the competition.

If you add content in violation of Google’s guidelines, the entire text will be highlighted orange when you save it and your description will not be visible on your listing. As such, have a few variations of your description for backup just in case Google doesn’t accept your first version.

You can edit your GMB description. However, it takes time for your description to change as Google has to review the changes. As such, try to get your description right the first time.

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