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How Do You Optimize Your Directions?

Correctly displaying your address and the map marker is important for how your business will be displayed in Google Maps. Confirming that your address is accurate will help customers get directions to your business.

Adding up-to-date driving directions is a further indication to Google that you perform business in the area and that you have customers in the area.

Directions to or from a nearby locality show that you do business in that area. As a result, Google may wish to rank you higher when people look for your service near their location.

Driving directions also help people arrive at your destination. Often times, Google may use this information to improve its own navigational systems.

You can add driving, bicycling, and walking directions in Google Custom Maps by clicking on the ‘Add directions’ button which looks like a curved arrow.

Type the start and end locations to show the route from point A to point B. You can show the step-by-step directions by clicking on ‘More’ (the three dots) and then clicking ‘Step-by-step directions’.

You can manually change the path if you feel it is better than the original path. There can be directions from multiple locations to one address, as well as directions to additional points (A to B to C to D). Bear in mind that each set of directions goes in its own layer.

Directions can also be included in the description section of your custom map as well as on your city pages. You want people to be able to find your business on Google Maps, and adding local signals helps achieve this.

Hyperlocal and direction-based queries play a crucial role in local SEO and your ranking on both the Map Pack and SERP. If you want to increase your business, people need to be able to find out how to get to you, or at least contact you.

If you have a shop where people buy goods and services, be sure to have your store’s location clearly visible on your website. This will help people reach your store even if your instructions are unclear of if they are traveling by an alternate route.

Driving directions are important, but remember that not everyone has a car. For this reason, be sure to include directions for people visiting your store via bus, train, foot, etc.

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