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How Do You Optimize Your Events/Offers?

Google lets you post events and offers related to your business on your Google My Business Listing. They are a great way to drive store visits and get more calls. However, this feature is often underused.

Don’t get the two confused. Offers relate to monetary value while events refer to a planned occasion taking place.

An attractive photo or video can draw more eyeballs to your post. Also whether you are creating an event or an offer, you want to be crisp and clear in your wording. Leave no room for ambiguous or misleading words.

Events/offers can be updated by logging into the listing. Click on ‘Posts’ in the GMB sidebar in between Home and Info. You will see four options:

  • Add update
  • Add event
  • Add offer
  • Add product

Click on ‘Add event’ or ‘Add offer’ depending on what you want to create. Then, upload a photo or video, add a title, start date, and end date. If you’re creating an event, you can add a start time and end time as well.

Then, you have the option to add more details about the event/offer. If you’re creating an offer, you can add a coupon code, link to redeem the offer, and terms and conditions of the offer.

You can also add a button for your event. These are all the possible CTA options a GMB event can have:

  • Book
  • Order online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Call now

For all buttons other than ‘call now’, you can add a link for your button. After previewing your event/offer to make sure that everything’s okay, click on ‘Publish’ to update in on your listing.

You can also view the past events and offers you’ve created and user engagement (views and clicks) for them from the ‘Posts’ screen in the GMB sidebar.

Remember to stay professional. Don’t use commercial slang or niche terms, and ever try to combine multiple events/offers into the same post. Instead, create different posts for them.

The people who want to know more about your event/offer will take the steps necessary to do so. You don’t want people to feel like they have been taken advantage of.

Create the post as an event or offer in your GMB Listing as opposed to a regular post. Remember, something could be an event and an offer at the same time. For example, you may have released some new merchandise (event) as well as announced a 10% discount on said merchandise (offer).

You can have a new store opening (event) with the first 20 people that enter the store to get 20% off their first purchase (offer). In this case, you can either create 2 separate posts or combine them.

However, don’t try to game the system by creating an event/offer where there is none. You also shouldn’t upload the event/offer months in advance. Also, set a reasonable timeline. Most events/offers aren’t two years long.

Don’t forget to add your contact details in the event/offer so people can reach out for further details.

These events/offers can also be advertised on your website as well as shared on social media for increased visibility.

Google My Business Official Help

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