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How Do You Optimize Your Hours?

The first step is to check whether or not your business is allowed to add hours of operation. Then. make sure you have your hours set up properly.

You can set business hours in the ‘Info’ tab. Click on the pencil next to the blue clock symbol. The ‘Hours’ popup should appear. Here, select which days your business is open and enter the respective timings for each day. Click ‘Apply’ upon completion.

Check to make sure the hours you listed are accurate. Business timings tend to change. As always, follow the Google guidelines.

If you are a business that shouldn’t show your hours, then don’t. It’s as simple as that.

The hours on the listing should reflect only the period of time when customers or clients, or people who aren’t employees are free to visit the location or call to avail products and services.

A holiday that would affect your timings may be coming up. Check your special hours to see if you’ve set them up correctly just in case. Review your listing from time to time to make sure your hours are correct.

Not all businesses have the option to add hours. Sometimes, Google will make it impossible for you to show your timings.

If you have your hours on your website, ensure that the website timings match with those on your listing.

Update the hours for all your days, including special hours.

List your normal business hours. If there is a break in the day (say you close for lunch), create two entries for the same day so that this is reflected.

Does your business offer your products or services 24/7? Then be sure to highlight it and showcase it in your listing! You can change your timings to 24 hours.

It could improve your ranking, and for Google will show your company in the search results ahead of those that are closed at the time.

You can also add special hours for holidays if they differ from your regular hours. Add special hours in the area underneath the section for regular hours in your listing. This is rather important to customers and helps keep them informed.

If Google has blocked you from adding hours as it shouldn’t be done for your business, don’t try to get around this.

Don’t lie or falsify information pertaining to hours on your listing. You should also include your hours of operation on your website so people know when you’re open.

Remember that people may view your website without looking at your GMB Listing so it behooves you to put information for hours on your site as well.

Google My Business Official Help

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