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How Do You Optimize Your Photos?

In your Google My Business Dashboard, the ‘Photos’ tab is in between the ‘Messaging’ tab and the ‘Website’ tab.

Determine whether the photos on your listing are relevant to the work you perform. Not all your photos have to be original, but they should be free for commercial use.

It is recommended that you refrain from uploading too many stock and irrelevant photos to your GMB.

Also, take a look at the size and resolution of your photos. You may opt to compress the photo, but this affects clarity, so do so with caution.

You should also check for duplicate photos and delete any you find. Make sure your existing photos all the correct attribute (At Work, Internal, Team, etc.).

Make sure the details in your photos are still relevant. They may be photos of ex-employees, a service you used to perform but don’t anymore, or an offer that has expired.

The same applies to videos (if you have any). Watch the video again and make sure everything is up to date, especially your contact details.

Older GMBs tend to leave up a lot of outdated stuff that may confuse users who view it later on.

Browse through the photos of your top competitors to find out what they’re doing. Don’t download your competitor’s photos and add them to your listing just because you like them.

Aim for a minimum of three photos of each type that highlight the features of your business.

For your identity photos, use your logo. For your cover image, you should use a custom graphic that is branded, perhaps promotes a feature or an exterior shot of the branch.

For interior photos, show a view of as much of the interior as you can as well as certain rooms if applicable. Photos of the main lobby and conference room work. 

For exterior photos, take a photo directly outside showing the front door. Take one showing your whole building from the road. You also want to take photos of any nearby signs pointing the way to your location.

When it comes to team photos, you want one of your CEO, brand manager, or someone else at a high-level. You also want a group photo of as many team members as possible.

At work photos need you to take photos of your team performing the work to prove that your company is the right fit.

You can also take photos with clients, provided you have their permission first. You can also have additional photos such as giveaways, marketing materials, and off-site events.

Photos also help people looking for your business, along with showing them that it’s genuine.

Unlike Instagram, Google doesn’t like filters. Make sure your photos are as close to reality as possible. The unfiltered reality also shows potential customers what your business is really about.

Before you upload a photo to your listing, pick a file name that includes your brand name, the location, and what is being featured in the photo. 

For example, if you are a lawyer that wants to highlight your workplace in Austin, Texas, then a good file name would be: “Lawyer_Austin_TX_Office.jpg”. 

You should also geotag the image via an app and add relevant metadata properties such as EXIF, XMP, and IPTC.

Here’s a checklist for your GMB Photos:

  • Logo & Cover
  • Original
  • Relevant
  • Geotag
  • Fresh
  • High-Resolution
  • 360 Street View

Uploading photos from a Google entity like Google Photos is the best choice. Otherwise, upload the photos or videos from your Drive.

The same goes for videos. Upload them to YouTube as well as your listing. Show Google some love and maybe it will show you some love back.

Make sure your photos are well-lit so people can actually tell what’s going on. Also, try not to be too professional with your photos. Why would a plumber wear a suit?

Instead, take candid pictures. You can download a picture from elsewhere, but make sure it’s free for commercial use.

You can also create 360 Street View Photos through the Google Street View app.

Just because something looks cool or would be a great wallpaper does not mean it should be added to your listing. Always think “Is this relevant to my business?” before uploading.

Don’t upload your photos all at once. Instead, upload 5-10 new photos every month at a steady and gradual rate.

These photos can subsequently be used for your posts, events, and offers if applicable.

The Google Photos can also be displayed (embedded) on your website through the link to save space on your site.

Google My Business Official Help

Google My Business Support Link for Photos

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