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How Do You Optimize Your Posts?

There’s an increased interest in GMB Posts these days, and the early signs are encouraging. Frequent posting with relevant content and keywords may improve your Map Pack ranking.

Another advantage is that these posts are also a part of your Business.Site, thereby giving you more coverage on another Google property.

Your Google Post can be about anything, like a blog, your services, the areas you cover, etc. It can also be geared towards a certain holiday.

Take care to cover the entire spectrum of your services and add your keywords within the post.

Your images are what get people to notice your posts. Make sure they are attractive. Be sure to add a colorful and vibrant image for your post.

They aren’t required, but adding an image increases the chances of your post being clicked on. Also, adhere to the aspect ratio or risk your image getting cut.

You can reuse and repurpose content from your own site for the post. Just spice it up a bit. Google won’t mind.

Don’t abruptly remove posts. Unless there was a certain deadline that passed or the post is irrelevant, allow it to linger for the full 7 days. 

Though you can’t add a separate title for standard posts, you can have your text at the beginning act as the title.

You can try adding hashtags to the content of your posts with keywords as tags. This gives the post more of a social media feel and separates it from the other content on your listing.

Add the appropriate CTA based on what you want the user to do.

It doesn’t end there, are the posts can be boosted on a social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for a nominal fee.

Keep the following 10 points in mind with regard to GMB Posts:

  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Offers
  • Links
  • CTA
  • Daisy-Chain
  • Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Sharing
  • Insights

Make your post stand out with a photo or video.

Try to get your keywords towards the top of your post to immediately establish what the post is about.

Highlight holiday specials, events, product launches, offers, etc. wherever applicable.

You should use links to drive more traffic to your key pages, whether it’s your homepage, contact page, city page, or conversion page.

Don’t forget to add a CTA and connect to your home, city, or services page.

Be sure to connect each post to the previous post.

You can attach an urchin tracking module (UTM) to a custom URL in order to track a source, medium, and campaign name. Use this as your CTA link.

If need be, schedule your posts using a tool. The frequency should be minimum one per week. With a minimum of a post every week, that comes out on average to 4 posts every month.

Remember that there will be 2.5 posts seen at any time and the main purpose of your posts is to increase audience engagement, so the user must derive benefit from clicking on it.

Share on social media to help the posts gain traction. You can also boost posts and get better backlinks for the post.

Lastly, take a look at your GMB Insights. The GMB Dashboard makes it easy to know how your posts are performing.

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