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How Do You Optimize Your Q&A?

Take a look at your existing Q&A content.

Q&A is one of the elements of GMB that cannot be accessed or managed from the GMB Listing Dashboard. It is only visible on the listing from the search results or map results.

As such, you have to look at the Q&A from the outside. Go to your listing from Google Search and click ‘See all questions’.

View all your questions and answers and who asked the question.

Analyze if your answers to the questions are still relevant. Are there any questions that you have left unanswered by mistake?

The Q&A section provides a good way to add content to the Listing.

What are the questions usually about? Here are the most common topics:

  • Products/services
  • Delivery
  • Pricing
  • Working hours
  • Other FAQs

As long as it’s something related to your business, you can try using it as a Q&A. Try to make it a mix of specific and general content.

There are four actions that a local business or service area business (SAB) can take when it comes to the Question & Answer section of their Google My Business Listing:

  • Request your customers to ask questions.
  • Answer questions that have been asked by somebody.
  • Have a Local Google Guide ask questions.
  • Ask questions yourself and then enter the answers.

Pertaining to the last part, you can convert your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) into Q&A by adding questions and answering them yourself.

Google does not allow links, emails, and phone numbers in the question or the answer, so be wary.

Never leave a question blank. Always respond, even if it seems irrelevant or unnecessary. An unanswered question may leave the person feeling ignored. 

Viewers will also assume that you aren’t taking care of your listing. You can also report and flag questions you feel are unwarranted. 

Whether you are answering your own question or someone else’s, keep your answer short and to the point.

Also, check to make sure your answers are relevant. You can go back and edit them, but this will then show up with an ‘edited’. You can also remove/delete your answer and write a new one if need be.

Q&A keeps people informed while telling others about your business. Don’t leave the section blank.

How many questions should you have on your GMB? Anywhere from 10-40 Qs in total, depending on your industry, location, services, etc.

Try to have a minimum of 10 questions at any cost. Encourage your customers to ask questions or add some questions yourself if you can’t get anyone else to do it.

If you are stuck, tale a look at competitors, Google autosuggest, and Google’s Related Questions box, also known as ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA) for ideas.

Google My Business Official Help

Google My Business Support Link for Q&A

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