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How Do You Optimize Your Reviews?

In the GMB Listing, reviews can be viewed in the ‘Reviews’ tab on the left. From here, the business can view all reviews and sort them by those which have been replied to and which ones haven’t been replied to.

In your GMB Dashboard, the ‘Reviews’ tab is in between the ‘Insights’ tab and the ‘Messaging’ tab. Upon clicking, you can view all your reviews, those you have replied to, and those you haven’t replied to.

When it comes to reviews, DigitalBull GO considers these factors:

  • Total Reviews
  • % of Positive Reviews
  • Local Guide Reviews
  • Keywords In Reviews
  • Reviews With Replies

Remember that 10 – 15 quality reviews are equal to 100+ ‘bought’ reviews, so it’s okay if your review numbers are off the charts.

Check your replies to see if you’ve gotten your keywords in, as this is the part of the review that is completely in your control.

Don’t fret about the odd 3 or 4-star ratings. It’s impossible to please everyone. Also, a 4.7 or 4.8 appears more natural than the perfect 5.

Some negative comments are meant to rile you and get you worked up. You can do some investigating and click on the reviewer and take a look at their reviewer history to check out their past reviews. 

Get the clients to give the reviews within hours of the service. The longer you delay, the lesser your chances of getting the review. Reviews also take a while to appear on your page, so be patient.

Get them to give the review a local flavor, like “Bob is a great arborist in Wake Forest”.

The listing review has to be just right. Too long and it appears unnatural, too short will miss out on some keywords.

You can also have your customers write content or give you reviews while adding the relevant keywords within said reviews, for example, “electrician in Manchester”. Make sure the business name, location and service keywords are included in the review. 

Make it easy for your clients to give reviews by automating the process of clicking and adding comments. You can create a direct review URL from your GMB Listing. Search for your listing on Google, go to the reviews section, and click the ‘Write a review’ button.

If you have a short name, you can convert it into a link for reviews. The URL will be g.page/(companyname)/review

Clicking on this link will immediately take people to your listing where they can review your company.

Get reviews from Local Guides, if possible, and never answer harshly to any review, bearing in mind that your reviews are public.

You should also share great reviews that make your business look good on your social media channels.

Reply to all your reviews, not just the good ones. Be genuine in your responses. Your replies should preferably contain your own keywords and promoting your services and offers. 

It doesn’t hurt to reply to your Yelp or Foursquare reviews, but your Google Reviews should take priority as they are closely tied to your GMB.

Google My Business Official Help

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