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How Do You Optimize Your Schema?

Schema is often one of the most underutilized, mainly because of how complex it may be to understand. Optimizing your schema can go a long way to improving your rankings.

Sites with schema markups rank higher than those without. Google incorporates rich snippets in roughly one-third of its search results. Despite this, barely any sites use schema markup.

Be sure to follow the Google guidelines for schema before developing and implementing it.

You can create a schema with the help of the Google Structured Data Markup Helper. Login to it and select the type of data that you wish to markup.

You can design a schema for articles, movies, and book reviews, but the local business schema is probably the most relevant to your line of work. Then, copy and paste the page URL.

Click the ‘Start Tagging’ button and you will be able to tag the elements you want to be marked up.

Keep adding items and make sure they are correct. Click ‘Create HTML’ when you’re done, download the code, and paste it to your source code.

Make sure your schema is correct and free of errors. It is a great way to get a leg up on your competitors as well. The more content marked up, the better.

However, you should only markup content visible to people visiting the page and not hidden content.

After you implement the schema, don’t just leave it be. Test it for bugs and fixes.

Lookup the URL in the search results to see if the schema data appears.

You should come back and check that it works and look for ways to improve it.

Google My Business Official Help

Google & Google My Business Support Link for Schema

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