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How Do You Optimize Your Service Area?

You can (and should) add your service area to your Google My Business Listing. Note that your service area can no longer be set as a distance around your business.

Google has announced as of September 2019 that service area businesses (SAB) will be converted to the closest named areas, like Los Angeles, California or Brisbane, Queensland.

They have also stated in November 2019 that businesses can list no more than 20 service areas.

To add or edit your service area, open your listing and go to the ‘Info’ tab on the left menu.

Under your address, you will see a section called ‘Service Areas’. Click on it.

Now, type the name of the area and choose from the list of areas that show up to add it to your service area. You can choose locations as well as ZIP codes/postcodes.

Click ‘apply’ when you are finished to save.

The whole point of your GMB Listing is to showcase your specialty in one locality, so don’t add too many cities to your listing’s service area.

Choose those that best cover the proximity of your company. Adding too many areas of service actually decreases your influence in a particular area.

If you have multiple listings, you can spread out the areas so each covers a particular section. Be sure to cover all your ZIP codes or postcodes.

You can remove a place from your service area by clicking on the ‘X’ next to them.

Do not add a lot of service areas at once. Instead, add them in batches of 4 or 5 every day.

Also, make sure you actually can provide services to the area rather than just adding it to your service area for the sake of increasing its size.

You can now only add the ZIP codes/areas you serve while adding your GMB data and mirror this information on your map.

Use driving directions and service maps properly to ensure your locations stay relevant to your users.

You can also create a custom map of your service area. Here are the 8 elements of an authority My Map, according to Chaz Edwards:

  • Local Company Info/Link Pulled From Google Maps
  • Consistent NAP and Brand Elements
  • Brand Pictures and Videos
  • Relevant Articles
  • Local Driving Directions
  • Target URL(s)
  • Keyword Labeled Headings
  • Complete Descriptions

It’s a good idea to add your service area to your website as well so people (and Google) know where you operate.

Google My Business Official Help

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