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How Do You Optimize Your Services?

The first step is to analyze your services from the outside and visit your Business.Site if you have one. This is also a good opportunity to review the other components of your Business.Site.

Review your services content to make sure everything is up to date as your products or services may have changed from when you first started out. You also need to make sure the content is free of errors and remove any Services you don’t offer.

You can also look at the Business.Site websites of your competitors if you know their address to see what content they have used for the services on their listing. Their regular website will usually also have information related to services.

If you have a Products and Services URL, make sure the content on that landing page matches the Services content that you have included in your GMB Listing.

To access your GMB Services content in your Google My Business Listing, click on the ‘Info’ tab between the ‘Posts’ tab and the ‘Insights’ tab.

Scroll down and you will see the Services section underneath the URL section and above the Attributes section.

You can also click on ‘Services’ from the menu on the left.

This will take you to the Services Editor.

Make sure all the section names, item names, and item descriptions are filled up the way you want. Check the word count for all the text areas to see how much content can be added.

It is important to fill out your services are they are a good way of telling people and Google about the services your company offers. Services also give you a way to add content to your listing.

You can group your services into different sections based on factors such as the type of service, duration, service area, cost, etc.

What you write for your Services is almost explicitly for Google alone. Talk about the products or services that your business offers. Your main services can have separate sections in themselves.

Sticking with the locksmith example, they might have a section for ‘Auto Locksmith Services’ with their items being ‘Car Key Duplication’, ‘Car Door Unlocking’, ‘Car Key Extraction’, etc.

Don’t leave out your keywords from your content. Include the most important ones in your Services. You can add in your city or adjectives such as “Best”, “High-Quality”, “Great”, etc.

Your Services section should be straightforward and talk about the services that you do.

Don’t have offers in your services content. For one, these offers may expire. For another, the only people who will see this are those visiting your Business.Site. You’re better off posting it as an actual offer on your listing.

You can leave the item price blank if you want, but be sure to fill in the other details.

Your Services content can be edited, but Google may have to review the content before approving it. Therefore, be sure to write it properly the first time.

You can add the content used for these services to your website as well. This page can also be used as your Products and Services URL if you have the option to add it.

The option to add services content varies based on industry and niche. For some, only the title may be added. For others, Google offers a list of services to choose from. Sometimes, there is no service menu at all.

Further Reading

Check out how to edit your business listing on Google. Scroll down and click on the ‘Menu/Services’ tab for Google My Business Services Support.

Be sure to follow the Google My Business Guidelines for Services before you start developing the content.

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