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How Do You Optimize Your URL?

You need to make sure your URL works. Typically, the Website URL is a link to the homepage.

The Website URL and Appointment URL can be accessed in the ‘Info’ tab of the GMB Listing dashboard. This section is in between the Phone Number section and the Services section. Upon clicking, a popup will appear for the URLs to be added.

Your Google Business.Site can be accessed in the ‘Website’ tab in the left menu of the dashboard. The full URL will be displayed as “(business name).business.site

If you have a website with city pages and separate listings for each location, you can direct people to the relevant city page in your GMB website URL as opposed to your home page. This is a common tactic.

However, if you have linked a city page or service page, be sure the page exists.

If you choose to add a URL to your Listing which ends up being a 404 page, you won’t get an error in your Google My Business dashboard.

You’ll just confuse and annoy customers when they try to go to the page. So, be sure to click on your link to make sure it works and change the GMB Website URL if you do so on your site.

This applies to all URLs, not just the main GMB Website URL.

Then, check to see if you’ve added an appointment URL. If no appointment URL was added, it will not show up in the listing. Then, click the link to see if it leads to the correct page.

For the website URL, make sure your URL is relevant and corresponds to the content. Use a descriptive page URL that reflects your targeted keyword that you want to rank for.

A URL with the keyword that clearly describes the content is much better than one with a random string of text. Google prefers short URLs that tell it what your page is about. Your keyword should appear in your URL name. Even better if it appears in your domain.

Short URLs make it easier for customers to find you and can be used on your business cards as well. Check to make sure your short URL field isn’t blank.

When you add your URL, add the full URL. Don’t use link shorteners. You can, however, apply a UTM code to the URL to track how many people are clicking it.

Also, you should only submit website addresses that are currently live to add to your Listing.

Not sure which URLs to use where? Here are your options based on the type of URL:

A. Website URL

  • Homepage
  • City Page
  • Services Page

B. Appointment URL

  • Contact Us Page
  • GMB Business.Site
  • Appointment tool

C. Menu URL / Products and Services URL

  • Menu Page
  • GMB Products and Services

If you don’t have a page for all your services, use the one for your main or most important service. Also, if you are a restaurant, you should absolutely add a menu URL.

Ideally, the page you use as your Products and Services URL should match your services content in your GMB Listing.

On your Listing, use separate pages for your URL and your appointment URL. Appointment URL should preferably be linked to your own site with an option to book an appointment or call/interact with your business. You can also make your Business.Site URL your appointment URL.

Pay attention to your Business.Site URL as it is a Google property. Don’t let it die. You should add and update content regularly here as well. 

You can even link to your Business.Site URL as the Website URL on your listing in case you don’t have a website, or at least until you go live with your new site.

Here are the best options when choosing a short URL or short name for your listing:

  • Service+City (CarWashBaltimore)
  • City+Service (BaltimoreCarWash)
  • Company name (UltimateCarCleaners)

Google My Business Official Help

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