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What Is Q&A?

Q&A: Questions asked and answered by people.

Q&A is short for ‘question and answer’ or ‘question and answers’. These are also the two parts of the Q&A.

The Google My Business questions and answers work to encourage customers and general people to be inquisitive about a business.

The Q&A are publicly visible on a GMB under the appointment URL.

If questions can already be asked, the user can view them by clicking on ‘See all questions’. The number of questions are also given next to the text like ‘See all questions (5)’.

Clicking on the gray ‘Ask a Question’ button enables the user to ask a question on the listing.

Who can ask and answer a question? Here’s who:

  • GMB Owners
  • Google Local Guide
  • Other users

The questions could come from anyone. The people asking may be existing customers of the business, a person interested in the company, a Google Local Guide, the company owner, or someone else.

Likewise for answers. Any of the prior mentioned parties can answer questions. Anyone can ask or answer as long as they have a Gmail account. These questions and answers are publicly tied to the account.

The owner will receive an email once a question has been asked on their GMB.

There is no limit to the number of GMB Q&A that can be added.

A question can have more than one answer (one from the owner, one from a Local Guide, etc.).

For companies without any questions, there will be a link that says ‘Be the first to ask a question’.

Recommended Tools 

Google My Business – Q&A is only applicable to GMB

Answer The Public – Visualize search questions based on keywords

Google Search Console – Get related search queries, terms, and questions for a website. This can also be integrated into DigitalBull GO.

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 GMB audit and optimization tool!

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