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What Are Services?

Services: Action or work performed by a company for someone.

All businesses offer either products or services. This is true whether the business is private, public, government, or non-profit. Services are different from the service area, which is the areas where a company operates or offers business.

Businesses provide goods and services to people who are willing to buy them. Goods are also known as products. They are tangible items such as chairs, toys, water bottles, computers, and chocolate bars.

Then, there are services. These are not products, but actions. Teaching, narration, cleaning, and lawnmowing are services that people provide.

Doctors, barbers, maids, police officers, and teachers are all examples of service professions.

Some businesses offer both products and services. A doctor can cure illness as well as sell medicine.

The content for services is not visible on a Google My Business listing. However, the services can still be viewed from the Business.Site of the listing, provided that the Business.Site has been published.

On the Business.Site, they appear below the ‘Updates’ section and above the ‘Testimonials’ section.

However, there may be instances where the services do not appear on the Business.Site even if they have been added.

There are four parts to Services in a GMB Listing:

  • Section name
  • Item name
  • Item price
  • Item description

The section name is the general name of the section of services.

The item name is the service offers.

The item price is the cost of the service.

The item description is a brief rundown of what the service is.

These parts also have character limits.

  • Up to 140 characters for the section name can be
  • Up to 140 characters for the item name
  • Up to 1000 characters for the item description

For example, a locksmith may have a section called ‘Locksmith Services’ with three items for ‘Automotive Locksmith’, ‘Commercial Locksmith’, and ‘Residential Locksmith’. There can then be content about the items underneath each one.

Recommended Tools 

Google My Business – Services are only applicable to GMB

Word Counter – Calculate the character count for the section name, item name, or item description

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 GMB audit and optimization tool!

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