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What Is Speed?

Speed: How fast a website loads

Site speed is the amount of time it takes for a website to load and for the elements to appear on the page. There are certain measurements used for speed.

One is time to first byte (TTFB). This is the amount of time (in seconds) it takes for the first byte to load on a site when the user visits it.

Then, there’s fully loaded time (FLT). This is the amount of time it takes for the entire page to load. It is measured in seconds.

The total page size is how large your page is in bytes.

An HTTP request is what happens when a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) asks the server for information about a webpage. This information may be text, images, multimedia, or other files on the page.

The higher the number of requests, the more the server has to work and the slower the speed.

Different pages will have different load times based on total page size, amount of content on the page, number of images, and more. They also vary based on browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), as well as devices.

A load time of four seconds or less is considered as good fully loaded time.

The load time for a site accessed on mobile will be different from the time on a computer. Tablets are another device whose load time will vary.

The site may also look different for all of them and the same elements may not need to load.

Within smartphones itself, there are iPhones, Android, Windows phone, etc. Then again, there’s UC Browser, Chrome Browser for mobile, and the list goes on.

Compressing images, removing bloat (excess content), and fixing structural errors are some ways to speed up the site.

The bounce rate is the users who enter your page and leave without taking any action. This needs to be reduced and speed plays a part here.

The longer a site’s load time, the higher the bounce rate. This is because users will notice the website is taking too long to load, hit the back button, and leave the site, frustrated.

Recommended Tools

Google PageSpeed Insights – Check the page speed of a website on desktop and mobile

Google Test My Site – Test page loading speed on mobile

GTMetrix – Analyze page speed and performance

Dareboost – Website speed test and analysis

Image Compressor – Compress image size

Google Analytics – Analyze the bounce rate for webpages

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 GMB audit and optimization tool!

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