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What Is URL?

URL: The address of a page.

URL is short for ‘Uniform Resource Locator’. It is the link displayed in the address bar of a browser and denotes the address of the webpage.

For example, the URL of this page is

The main URL of the page with nothing added to the tail or extension and no ‘www’ before it is called the ‘domain‘.

For example,,, and are all domains.

A URL can also be a subdomain. For example, is a subdomain of and is a subdomain of

The URL is the complete web address used to find the web page and leads to any page on the site. The URL is also displayed in search results.

A URL can be added within a webpage as well. If the URL is present in text form, it is known as ‘anchor text’. ‘Click here’ and ‘sign up’ are examples of anchor text.

A URL with no anchor text is known as a naked URL.

In a GMB Listing, there are 2 standard URL options:

  • GMB Website URL
  • Appointment URL

Apart from this, there are some other niche-specific URL options:

  • Products and Services URL
  • Menu URL

A GMB website URL is the URL that the user is taken to when they click on the ‘Website’ button in a listing. It usually links to the home page.

The website URL is the main one, but there are also other URLs for the GMB.

An appointment URL can also be added to the listing. This is the page where the user can book an appointment with the business. It is displayed beneath the phone number in the listing, next to the word “Appointments:”.

The appointment URL does not necessarily have to be to the company’s site. They can be links to a 3rd party website as long as the user can take actions like placing an order or making a reservation. 

There is also a products and services URL for the products and services that a company offers. This is not present in all GMB listings.

The menu URL is a link to the menu. It only appears in restaurants, catering, and food-related businesses.

Some URLs can have an urchin tracking module (UTM) code to track clicks and traffic for that URL.

Google has also rolled out a short name feature for listings. This short name or short URL can be created by the owner of the listing. The custom name must be between 5 and 32 characters.

The link will be “[shortname]” and when entered into the address bar, will take the user to the Google Maps link for GMB Listing.

Recommended Tools 

Google My Business – URLs can be added and updated on the GMB listing

Google Campaign URL Builder – Add a UTM code to the URL

Bitly – URL shortener

DigitalBull GO – The world’s #1 GMB audit and optimization tool!

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